Fire & Smoke Restoration in Houston!

fire damage to exterior of homeSeeing your house in flames can be devastating, you feel helpless and you see your whole life being destroyed. Some fires can cause complete destruction but other times fire damage can be restored, that’s where we come in! For over thirty years our company has been restoring all damages caused by smoke and fire. And we can restore almost any home or business after the damage has been done!

When a fire starts the first goal is to put it out, spraying it down with gallons upon gallons of water! So we also will extract and dry the moisture left behind. Because of all the water used on the fire, smoke becomes a problem.

We want you to call us as soon as the fire starts so we can be on scene and ready to start the cleanup process as fast as possible! We will board up the house for safety reasons and start to come up with a plan with the property owners. You can expect the fire damage professionals to work with the fire department, police department and insurance company to quickly secure your property so that the restoration work can get underway.


If you ever consider trying to clean up the mess yourself I can almost guarantee that you will create a bigger mess and it will take you 10 times longer, just call a professional! You can put your complete trust in a leading, honest Houston fire damage service that is fully licensed, bonded and insured. You will be involved in all the decisions, and we can get the job done fast. We promise fair prices and the best quality work around.

Call us today at 800.692.7440!

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